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Bundle One


Our three essential skincare tools, in one bundle.

Skin Fairy Brush

Get the professional Skin Fairy experience at home with our specially designed skincare application brush. Gentler and more hygienic and thorough than using fingers, it’s the essential tool for applying at home skin treatments.

Skin Fairy Towelette

Gently and methodically remove makeup and deep-cleanse your complexion with our natural and reusable organic bamboo towelettes. Use as an essential skincare tool in the shower or as part of your daily cleansing routine to remove makeup, grime, and excess oil, whilst loosening up dead skin cells and toxins. After use, skin is super-hydrated and feels smooth to the touch. 

Skin Fairy Rose Quartz Roller

Our luxe facial massage tool is made from hand-carved rose quartz; a crystal known for its healing properties. Use as part of your daily regime to stimulate micro-circulation and support lymphatic drainage. Ideal for minimising puffiness, soothing irritation, and encouraging deeper product penetration. It also acts as a facial massager and is ideal for easing muscle tension in the face and neck area. 

Bundle includes: 1 x Skin Fairy Brush, 1 x Skin Fairy Towelette & 1 x Skin Fairy Rose Quartz Roller